Thick, Luscious Hair Hypnosis

Some ladies find themselves in a compulsive habit of pulling at their hair, plucking out a strand or two at a time. This habit leads to insecurities, and fears that others can see the thin areas. It also can limit her activities to things like water activities for fear that the bald spots will be noticed. If you are a woman and find yourself caught up in this hair pulling habit, it is time to free yourself from this limiting behavior. With the help of Dawn’s Thick, Luscious Hair Hypnosis you will start to feel great about yourself, excited about life and opportunities once again. You will be inspired to take good care of yourself, tend to your hair, and feel proud of how thick, luscious, and long your hair is becoming.

Special areas of Concentration Incorporated in the Hypnosis Suggestions:

  • Finished pulling your hair, ready for long, healthy, thick luscious hair
  • Ready to feel carefree, relaxed and content
  • Habit has been a tool to see value in wanting to feel beautiful and take care of yourself
  • Ready for this change, feel yourself comfortable, content, lively, positive and excited
  • Comfortable, confident and excited when participating in water activities
Included In Purchase:
  • “Intro To The Mind” Video
  • Thick, Luscious Hair Hypnosis MP3 Audio

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