New Year’s Blues Clues

January 01, 2013

As the end of 2012 approached, did you find yourself getting more and more depressed… overwhelmed with feeling New Year’s Blues? Did you watch others celebrating and not feel like there was anything to celebrate?

Those folks who experience sadness as the end of the year approaches are likely having conversations in their heads, like:

“I can’t believe another year went by and I didn’t stick to my diet & lose the weight I wanted to. I’m always going to be fat!”

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Healthy Giving or Co-Dependency

December 29, 2012

Being that I am in a helping profession, many of you won’t be too surprised to learn that I tend to be a giving kind of person. Yep, the ol’ caretaker is alive and well in me. Like about a third to one half of the population, I have tendencies like wanting to be sure everything and everyone is taken care of (this attributes to an never-ending to-do list), that things are managed perfectly and according to how I think they should be done (even if I have to do it all myself), and that I can offer assistance to anyone in need (whether they ask for it or not).

Being ‘a giver’ offers its pros and cons. I would think the pros are fairly obvious… tending to those in need, and taking care of business. The world needs folks like us, as we make good doctors, nurses, firemen, paramedics, therapists, massage therapists, veterinarians, volunteers… and, yes, even hypnotherapists.

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Too Much or Not Enough Christmas Presents?

December 27, 2012

How you reflect on the amount and quality of Christmas presents received can depend largely on the following: Did you grow up in a home where you had everything you could ever want… or did you grow up in a home where you were lucky to have the basics?

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Don’t Feel Like Giving

December 25, 2012

Would you prefer that the holidays just disappear… that people stop spending so much money buying and giving gifts? Are you feeling like you just don’t want to give any gifts?

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Holidays Can Be a Source of Sadness

December 24, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and that, like many holidays can be a source of sadness. For so many people, this time of year especially doesn’t necessarily offer joy. There can be many reasons for the sadness of the season.

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Accepting Our Uniqueness

December 23, 2012

Be proud of who you are! Accepting your own uniqueness is what makes us stand out as individuals.

Think about this: What if all food tasted the same, all drinks coated your tongue with the same flavor, all perfumes released the same aroma, and all houses were repeated imprints of each other?

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Quit Sleepwalking Through Your Life

December 16, 2012

Are you sleepwalking through your life?

How much of your life is spent thinking and believing things like

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Improving Dating, Interviewing and Test Taking Apprehension

December 12, 2012

Think of those times when you had an upcoming test to take, a pending interview, or a date. Now, specifically think of the week prior, the day before, the morning of, the drive there, walking the last few steps… and then during the event.

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Learn to Trust Your Gut Feelings

December 08, 2012

We all have gut feelings. Some of us just seem to recognize their presence more often than others do. Some even go a step further and actually learn to trust their gut feelings, using them as an internal personal assistant which helps in decision making. Having had many conversations with clients who come to me for mental training, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that most

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Reading the Terrain Six Inches Between Your Ears

December 05, 2012

Golfers have heard things like, “Golf is 90% mental” and “Check the six inches between your ears,” but many of them don’t know how to read that terrain. Mental states, such as: attitude, confidence and doubt, affect everything you do, including how you perform on the golf course.

Those PGA TOUR professionals who have become the best in the world have

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Friends Can Help Ease Your Financial Fears

December 02, 2012

Every where we turn we can hear people talking about the troubled economy adding to our fears about our financial future. With so much emphasis on money, or lack of it, one would think it was the most important thing in life. Money is simply

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Positive Thinking, Power of the Mind for Kids

November 30, 2012

From a young age I knew I wanted to help children live happier, healthier lives. After earning my college degree, I set out into the world and started my career as a Children’s Case Manager and later as a Child Victim Advocate for the State Attorney’s Office where I learned first-hand, kids needed to learn the power of positive thinking just as much as adults.

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